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  • The solarium consists of three panels, each equipped with six infrared emitters.
  • made from stainless steal
  • helps not only to dry faster after a workout or bath, but it gives also better heat distribution, stimulates circulation in the muscles, and also calming and stress-relieving effect
  • the new model solarium was designed for better ventilation, the spaces between panels allow moist air to drain freely
  • an additional advantage is the light directed toward the front to allow for heating of the neck
  • it is possible to purchase the panels in different quantities (1, 2 or 3 pieceseach of the system (1,2,3 panels) is working with the same control board (if you buy f.e. 1 control board and 1 solar panel now, it is also possible to use the same board for 3 solar panels later
  • it is possible to purchase the control board as standard version or as version with a coin slot


CE solarium is certified

An investment for many years

Our modular solarium consists of three modules each with 6 infrared emitters and two bactericidal fluorescent tubes.
The tanning causes the horse faster after training or after washing
Dries, at the same time it stimulates the circulation in the muscle tissue, soothes and relaxes it.

This new model was developed for better air circulation, the distances between
The modules facilitate the escape of moist air.
An additional advantage is the front-facing spotlights, which specifically warm the neck region.

The stainless steel used here for production belongs to the group of steels which have special properties against corrosion and acids.

Control by standard control unit or coin insertion possible.


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